Research paper for sale: from choosing a topic to writing a list of used literature

Type of research work

Research can be of two types:

– abstract;

– research.

The abstract is a study on a narrow topic, with the involvement of several published scientific papers. The abstract implies the analysis of different points of view on the research topic contained in these scientific papers and, as a final result, the development of one’s own point of view on the problem.

Research work is a research on a narrow topic, involving not only scientific literature, but also documentary sources, both published and not published. Research work involves the introduction into circulation of any new documents, facts, theories, proven facts, etc.

Both types of research are valuable, but research work undoubtedly has more weight.

Choose a topic of research work

Choosing the topic of research work, it is necessary to proceed from its relevance, take into account the availability of sources and literature.

The wording of the topic should be specific. It is recommended to avoid those that cover a wide time period, since within one work it is unlikely that it will be possible to sufficiently cover all available material.

The topic should reflect the content of the work, be logically related to the purpose of the study.

Structure of the work

1. Introduction (the relevance of the study, the degree of development of the topic in the literature, the object and subject of research, the goals and objectives of the work are formulated). In the presence of a practical part, a hypothesis is formulated.

2. The main part is presented in the form of chapters divided into paragraphs. Each part should disclose some aspect of the topic, each paragraph is one of the aspects of the chapter. At the end of the paragraph and the chapter, it is expedient to draw brief conclusions.

3. The conclusion is the general conclusions on the topic, summarizes the results of the study, indicates the possibilities of practical use of the results of the work.

Recommendations for the outline of the literature

At the present time, there is no need to sit for hours in the library, the necessary material can simply be photocopied. But the selected material in any case will need analyze and highlight the most necessary and better briefly record the data in writing in order to initially be able to reflect them in the form in which they will be transferred to coursework. The transfer of information to the notebook also gives a large space for mark-ups and corrections.

Working with literature on a selected topic represents a significant part of the overall preparation of the course work. Therefore, it is important to organize this work most effectively.

Among the various forms of records studied (annotations, extracts, abstracts, detailed plans), the abstract is the most convenient and widespread form. A well-written summary allows the student to cover the entire volume of the most significant material. The abstract should meet the following requirements:

It is necessary to accurately indicate the author, the full title of the work, all the output of the book or articles;

All citations should be accompanied by accurate links to the relevant pages;

A condensed presentation of the author’s basic thoughts should be accompanied by his own reasoning and remarks, analyzing what he has read;

In the abstract, if necessary, contribute facts, figures, diagrams, tables from the outlined work.

The compilation and subsequent study of the abstract in the synthesis of materials is simplified if several generally accepted rules are observed:

The notebook should leave wide margins for its own observations.

It is recommended to write out all unfamiliar terms and names in the margins.

When studying literature on a particular topic, you should make a plan by writing it down in the margin.

Abbreviations in the abstract are allowed only for those that will not lose the meaning of the records.

Especially important information in the abstract should be marked with underline, exclamation or question marks.

Thus, we can say that a properly selected topic, precisely timed time, the fulfillment of all the principles of writing research will facilitate this process. And at the same time, it will ensure the achievement of high results, will allow the student, who in this case will act as a researcher and critic, to rise to a higher level in the professional sphere of activity.