Report at the university

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What is a university report? Why students have to write this task and what benefits it will bring them?

First of all, the report is a special writing devoted to the specific topic, aimed at a specific audience and has a clear structure. The main claim of a report is to disclose a specific topic following all the guidelines.

The benefit of doing such work is obvious – it develops your ability to work with information, process it and summarize it. Such skills will be highly valued in future .

The structure

  • Title

Here you have to describe the main information briefly. The purpose of the work, your name, date and so on should be placed on the title page.

  • Audience and aims

Here you have to explain for whom this work was written – in other words you have to describe your audience. Then a reason of writing this report should be noted. Also, you have to specify how did you write it – scilicet methods.

  • Summary

In summary you should describe the main points of your writing. You have to note the aims, researched problems . You need to understand that with the summary your potential reader will have the opportunity to overview the content of your report.

  • Content list

Here the list of chapters and headlines with the page numbers should be placed.

  • Introduction

You need to introduce the object of your work clearly. The reader want to identify the main topic of the report, so you must help with it. The sources and methods should be mentioned too. Also you may use a background story.

  • Results and conclusion

It is an expanded version of summary. But the difference is that in this part you have to explain all your experiments and researches, including the results of this activity. Also, a discussion of your results may take place in your writing, but it is optional.