How to chose a dissertation topic?

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What does the dissertation begin with? Of course – from the choice of a topic.

However, this choice is not such an easy task, as it may seem at first sight. When choosing a topic, try to choose not too broad, but not too narrow themes. Find the balance.

  • Follow three principles of choosing:

Find a topic that interests you. Not only in the context of university research, but also as a personal interest. If you choose something that is not interesting for you, than your work on the dissertation will be a real hell.

Try to find a topic that is relatively new and not thoroughly investigated yet.

Think about approachability of the resources. Are you able to find the great amount of information on your object? Of course, the novelty is great, but it will make the process of writing a little bit more complicated.

  • Take three steps while searching the topic:

Think of a great amount of ideas, make a list! Give yourself a space for reflection!

Prove yourself: ask yourself a question on each topic – which one of them do you know preferably?

Improve ideas: deepen selected topics. Explore them, look for pros and cons. Complete for two – follow the same steps and select one of them.

If the choice of the topic for the dissertation is a great difficulty for you – don’t be frustrated!

Today there are many services and sites where you can find a huge lists offering different ideas for any area!

And here are some of them: