Blackjack : the essence and explanation

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What do we know about one of the most popular gambling game of all times?History,essence,rules,meanings and many other interesting things about Blackjack – these are the themes of our article!

Blackjack is also known as 21. The essence of the game is simple: to score 21 points or more than the dealer’s hands, but no more than 21. If a player collects more than 21, he or she “burns out”. In case of a tie, the player and the dealer remain with their own.

If we talk about the card’s value in blackjack, then the price of cards does not change during the game. The goal is to score 21 points, using as few cards as possible. Cards have such price values:

Cards with numbers: price – the number on the card.

Cards with pictures : price – 10 points.

Ace – 1 or 11. As a rule, the price of an ace is 11 points, but if with this calculation the sum of points is higher than 21, then the price of the card becomes 1.

While playing in a casino it is important to know some basic gestures. To get a card, tap the table with your finger or scratch the table with the edge of the cards. “Enough” means putting chips on the cards (face down). For a split, you need to add another bet and spread the cards to the sides, for doubling you need to place another bet on the corresponding field.

The rules for each gambling establishment may be slightly modified. As a rule, the dealer always stands at 17. In some casinos, he can get to “soft 17” (ace and 6). All the subtleties of understanding come directly at the table. The rules on insurance, split and doubling vary depending on the local rules of the casino.

Yes, gambling requires the special etiquette! Anyway , your concerns are greatly reduced if you consider yourself as an online player.

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